11 best coffee table books

11 best coffee table books

Top coffee table books

“Books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I am the happy victim of books.”― Karl Lagerfeld  

We are what we read and being obsessed with books is probably the best thing that happened to us. Now, of course, we all have our favourite genres to read that take us into another world or help us learn about life and ourselves. ( Psst: check out our list of 6 Books every fashion enthusiast must read!). But in this post, we talk about our favourite coffee table books.

They say, “A book must not be judged by its cover”, but when it comes to coffee table books, we encourage you to do so! Coffee table books are not only fun to flip through for inspiration, but they are a great way to decorate your space and are exceptional conversation starters. They have beautiful covers that will add personality to your house and also work as thoughtful gifts.

Here’s a list of our favourite Coffee table books!

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Being a part of the fashion world, we’re obviously a fan of Aimee Song and her impeccable style. So this one had to be on top of our list. This book is beautifully bound and has the best fashion and media tips.

Leaf Supply: A Guide To Keeping Happy House Plants by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

With a book cover that every minimalist would love, this earthy book tells us everything we need to know about house plants. And just as plants make our space welcoming, so does this coffee table book.

Handbags: A Love Story by Monica Botkier

As a homepage to handbags, Monica Botkier created this coffee table book, featuring the most legendary and iconic handbags ever designed. If you are fascinated with handbags as much as we are, this book is a must-read. If you are looking for a new bag, read our blog post: 7 Designer bags that are worth investing in.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small by Kath Stathers

If you’re a travel enthusiast and love adventure, this coffee table book is the perfect addition to your stylish coffee table. With advice on everything related to travel, it is sure to inspire you to take to the road.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Devoted to his muse, the legendary Mario Testino curated a collection of his photographs from fashion shoots to friendly candids. This book lends insight into their lives and their friendship.

Dior: The Art of Colour
by Jerry Stafford and Marc Ascoli   

Lending extreme eye candy, this book’s cover design is hands down our favourite. Taking us through the journey of the fashion house, the book also tells us about the history of fashion, style and makeup.

Vogue & The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute by Hamish Bowles

This book is one that every fashion lover needs to own. Covering the history of The Met Gala, the book gives us insider access to the exhibitions, the party and the people.

Impact: 50 Years of the CFDA by Patricia Mears

As the name suggests, Impact celebrates 50 years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America with an essay by Patricia Mears herself and over 300 personal statements from the most influential designers of America. And of course, we need a coffee table book that is pop pink in colour.

Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology by  Andrew Bolton

This coffee table book is a fresh read that includes an analysis of the impact technology on the fashion industry along with beautiful imagery of the fashion world spaces.

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories

Accessories are what turns an outfit into a look! Bound in a beautiful shade of deep blue, this book takes us through the archives of YSL showcases accessories designed by the French designer.

Gio_Graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion by Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

Italian fashion editor and stylist, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert chronicles her life through funny anecdotes and gives us major style inspiration through this book.

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