The Runaway Bride Shruti Haasan

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“Most people get to do one thing, I get to do so much and I feel extremely blessed for it.”

Actress and musician, Shruti Haasan’s individuality and style have firmly set her apart from Bollywood’s try-hards.

Our rebellious muse of the season comes from a multicultural home and a filmy background; has been a part of Bollywood as well as Tollywood cinema and has been actively composing music. If you know anything about her, you know that she’s no wilting willow!

In an exclusive interview with Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, she speaks about her love for music and movies and shows us how she effortlessly routes wedding dressing through bohemian sensibilities.


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Outfits by: Priya Agarwal

Bangles by: The Bohemian

Earrings by: Zevar by Geeta

Juttis by: Vian Label

From your acting debut in ‘Hey Ram’ to being a music composer, how has your journey been so far?

I wouldn’t call ‘Hey Ram’ my acting debut, but more of a happy coincidence that I was there to cross the frame really!

But my debut was with ‘Luck’, it was quite an experience for me to learn about myself and the movie world with a fresh set of eyes. I’m extremely grateful for my journey as an actor and I’ve always been a musician so composing was a natural extension of that. Most people get to do one thing, I get to do so much and I feel extremely blessed for it.

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Outfit by: Shivan and Narresh

Earrings by: Shilpa Purii

Haathphool by: Belsi’s

What do you think was the turning point of your career?

I’ve learned many lessons that have moulded me. Some through lovely positive people and situations and some unpleasant but all of them were a wonderful learning experience.

I think the turning point per say has always been internal, intimate and silent, a sort of introspection that led to a change in me as a performer.

Growing up in a filmy background, how did it shape your career? What are the biggest challenges you faced?

I never knew for sure that I would be in the movie business and certainly didn’t know I would be an actor but I guess it was always in my environment and inevitable in a sense. I’m so thankful that I was exposed to some amazing people and sights as a kid and two parents who were so very artistic. It’s really helped me in the bigger picture.

The challenges have been my own, at first, it was comparisons but ultimately just my own challenges like doing better, improving skill sets and staying fearless and wanting growth even at the cost of things that other people may find important.

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Outfit by: Priyanka Jain Label 

Jewellery by: Shruti Agarwal 

Tell us about your band.

Currently, I’m working with a lot of talented artists and playing with a group of super gifted musicians. The band doesn’t have a name, it’s just us having fun and playing live.

Music or movies, your first love?

Luckily I’ve never had to choose I’ve always struggled to find a balance because I love both.

What can the fans expect from you next?

More music, more movies and more growth!


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Outfit by: Riddhi Bansal

Lehenga by: Ranian

Maang Tika by: Auraa Trends

Clutch by: Tarini Narula


Outfit by: Ranian

Earrings by: Bauble Bazaar

Maang Tika by: Belsi’s

Green Bangle by: Polki Box

Red Gem Bangle by: The Bohemian

Ring by: Ahilya Fine Silver Jewels



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