Trousseau Treasures: Meet Shehla Khan

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At Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, our mission is to give every woman a chance to style her life in her own way. On the 24th of November, Shehla Khan who believes in the same purpose, introduced her latest collection at Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio, Kala Ghoda. Inspired by women and in her words, ‘with an aspiration to make every woman feel beautiful’, this gorgeous collection is filled with an array of pastels and delicate embroidery.

In the midst of the eventful day, we sat down with Shehla for a quick chat. In this interview, she gives us insight into the inspiration behind her collection and helps us with a few style tips for the upcoming wedding season.


What was your inspiration behind this collection?

I aspire to make women feel beautiful and they are the ones who inspire me. The Shehla aesthetic is very widely showcased in this collection, as each piece is very intricately detailed, and there is a mix of pastels and bold colours. We have also incorporated lace, hand painting and delicate beading.

How would you describe this collection in 3 words?

Feminine, bold and detailed!

What is a trend you love?

Black! I love the colour black and have incorporated a lot of it in this collection.

What is your personal style?

Minimal! I love black, white and powder pink. I think flesh-toned fabrics work really well with embroidery and also looks very feminine. I could never get sick of it!

Since the wedding season is coming up, tell us 3 tips to keep in mind while choosing our wedding outfit.

It’s very important to keep your own style in mind. There’s a lot you can do whether you like the classic traditional style or contemporary look.

In today’s day and age, the contemporary look is what I have been associated with. People come to me for the ‘non-typical’ bridal look which I think we have totally achieved with this collection. It’s all heavily embellished pieces but at the same time is very feminine and modern.

Other than that, I would say, keep comfort in mind and really think about the colour. The colour of your outfit is really important and it can really change the game.

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