5 trending colours to add to your closet

5 trending colours to add to your closet

Colour is an impeccable form of communication and a great way to show your personality during first impressions. Colour us curious, we at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop are all about mixing colour pallets and styles and to create notable and distinguished looks. Of course, Pantone has announced Living coral as the colour of the year, but what beyond that?! We predict the key colours that will be dominating during the coming months and exceptional additions to your closet.

From revamped pastel shades to rich hues and neutral shades, designers have introduced groundbreaking colours and are giving us a lot to play around with. In this post, we untangle the sartorial colour wheel for you. If you’re looking to indulge in new shades and tones, read ahead to know the top 5 colours we are obsessing over and how we are shopping for them.

Hunter Green

Hunter green is definitely one of our personal favourites and a great choice for this year. The full of life and fundamental shade of nature proves itself as a timeless shade. For the lovers of neutral shades, this is a hue that will not intimidate you. Full of hope and growth the shade seamlessly blends with any other colour, is easy to style and is the perfect balance between an ultra-feminine and masculine look. Moodier greens are flooding the runways and our Instagram feeds. Designers like Deme by Gabriella and Babita Malkani have only made our affinity for green deeper with the beautiful cuts and styles they offer.

Shop Hunter Green Here

Ballet Pink

Millennial pink may have been a prevailing colour last year, but it’s time to move ahead. The hue that is clearly having a moment now is ballet pink or pale pink. The powdery subdued take on pink has us in awe of the colour. As a lively gust of fresh air, this shade adds a certain element of whimsicality and gracefulness to any look. Being positively radiant and mood-lifting, pale pink works for every personality. An ideal way to create an interesting look would be to pair it with cream or pale yellow. K-Anshika Jaipur, Julie by Julie Shah and Shloka Khialani are a few designers who have given us major inspiration to add this flirty colour to our wardrobes.

Shop Ballet Pink Here

Optimistic Yellow

For us, it’s all about dressing for happiness. A few months back we wrote about Gen-Z yellow. While yellow as a colour trend has not faded away yet, a lighter shade of gen-z yellow surely will be an attention-getter now. Sartorial optimism indeed, the fresh and inviting colour is powerful and instantly lifts us our mood. Apart from being a stylish colour, psychologists actually suggest that adding the ‘happy’ hue to our closets is great for our mental health. There’s no reason to stay away from this shade. Best paired with cool blues or shades of green, designers like Pranya Baidya and Anita Dongre have done a marvellous job at creating the most wonderful outfits in the shade of yellow.

Shop Optimistic Yellow Here

Fiery Red

The colour of power, love and strength has always been a classic, but brace yourself because you’ll see a lot more of this colour around. This season is all about statement dressing and what better way than to incorporate the fiery hue to your look. Proving to be a colour you can achieve a lot with, you can create any look you want whether it’s an ethnic look, a girl boss look or a modern sexy look. The ‘it-colour’ is going to be our go-to this season and with styles from Deme by Gabriella, Ruceru and many more designers embracing red we are not short of options.

Shop Fiery Red Here


For all the neutral lovers out there, this one’s for you! The universally accepted delicious hue is a treat for our eyes. From jackets to kurtas to bags, you choose a category and find your favourite shade. No longer just a base, the shade stands on its own in a monochrome look or paired with warmer tones. We are seeing a strong success of this shade in collections by Duet Luxury , Saaksha and Kinni and more designers.

Shop Toffee Here

We declare this Spring to be the time we all add some colour to lives, experiment and have fun. So pick your favourites or all of them and go crazy!

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