Brand Focus: Sole Stories


Dress feet up with Sole Stories

A pair of shoes can make or break any look. Whether you’re obsessed with sexy shoes or like to invest in all-season footwear, Sole Stories needs to be on your go-to list. A brainchild of a mother-daughter designer duo, the brand is admired by women on-the-go who like to keep it stylish round the clock.

A prominent factor that decides if you should pick a pair of heels is the comfort factor and Sole Stories sure has the knack to blur that line between duty and delight. In short, these stunning pair will take you places you wish to go. Not compromising style over sense, beautiful pairs by Sole Stories will garner you all the attention for the right reasons the moment you step in. Whether you need a pair of high-on-glam plumps, metallic flats for a regular dose of bling or a festive pair of block heels, pick from the stellar curation crafted by Sole Stories and you’ll fleet through every occasion effortlessly. These finely crafted sandals are worth labelling as the trophy buys in your shoe closet.

Get your hands on the stunning range of all-season footwear by Sole Stories here at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. Don’t forget to check out the story on our favourite footwear brands that we’re lusting over right now!

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