When the lines between fashion and art are blurred

“Art is the window to man’s soul.”
Lady Bird Johnson

There have been many debates about the link between art and fashion- the similarities, boundaries and where the lines meet. Connoisseurs of fashion believe that fashion is nothing but art that is wearable. Fundamentally synonymous with each other, the amalgamation of art and fashion is unquestionably an emphatic idea.

Fashion designers have looked to art for inspiration since a very long time. It is in the recent times though, that designers are refreshingly defying expectations through their creations.

Known for her unconventional art inspired print collections Masaba continually manages to create splendid art pieces that are authentic and enchanting. She is a creator who plays with an eclectic mix of inspiration and brings to life ecstasy-fuelled collections. Adding splashes of colour and unique prints and patterns, she manages to create simplistic garments with a hint of playfulness.


Considerably different, ace designer Gaurav Gupta is a master of creating Avant-Garde pieces inspired by art installation. Impeccably crafted his unconventional pieces that look like they belong to a museum. With surreal and daring designs, he creates to facilitate self-expression. Using the technique of optical illusions, he uses his garments as modern canvases to create distinctive silhouettes and extraordinary art pieces. It’s through his collections, that we recognize- just as art, fashion is universal and reminiscent as it takes of various forms and patterns.


Creating remarkable prints with doodles, mosaic art and Indian miniature paintings, Aartivijay Gupta is another designer who proves the existence of an entangled love affair that art and fashion hold. Gupta has unveiled a strong sense of innovation fused with her contemporary expression, and that is what sets her apart. Basic and quaint silhouettes with a vibrant aesthetic have always been interpreted by her collection. Each garment proves to be an eye catcher, yet simple and sophisticated.


There’s no disputing that the symbiotic relationship that has always existed between the two – a relationship which only looks to be growing stronger as more art steps into the glamorous world of fashion.