Lakmé Fashion Week: The First Shows

Lakmé Fashion Week: The First Shows


The country’s most elite 5-day fashion gala- Lakmé Fashion Week, that celebrates fashion, design and creative talent, marked its 20th anniversary this year. From the glorious years of 1999 to 2019, we have seen the event support, inspire and grow with the fashion Industry

The Winter/Festive ’19 season recently came to an end. Now, our lives are about looking forward to next year’s show, and in the meanwhile reminiscing the clinking heels, glamorous outfits and everything new the show brought into the fashion world. 

The future looks bright and exciting and we can’t wait. But we couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for our favourite designers at their first shows. Here, they reflect on their journey, take us down memory lane and tell us about everything they experienced. 

Archana Rao

My first time at Lakme Fashion Week was in 2012 as part of Gen Next with my collection Prologue. I was extremely excited to showcase at Lakme Fashion Week for the first time, but it was nerve-wracking as well. Fortunately for me, it went off without a hitch. My favourite part of this would have to be watching my clothes on the ramp for the first time.

Rajdeep Ranawat

Well, I have been associated with FDCI since 2008 and never skipped a season since then. My first Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai happened this year in February. The 1st season was fantastic! We are known for our sexy beachwear and resort wear, and that’s what we showcased. The collection was called Istanbul because I took a trip and fell in love. I adore nomadic aesthetics, so every time I travel, I sketch out motifs and photograph every element from that country to take inspiration from. 

Ridhi Mehra

I remember, the 1st time I came to Lakmé fashion week, my team member and I caught the flu and we were both down with a fever. Back in the day, we did everything ourselves, the music, the visuals, there was chaos backstage, we had queries coming in, buyers to meet and I had no idea how things work. But eventually everything fell into place, worked out well and now looking back, there are only good memories. It’s a great feeling to see how we started small and how we have grown as a brand. And I would still say my first show was actually one of the most wonderful shows.

(Karishma Shahani)

It was in August 2012, but it feels like it was yesterday! I think that over a period of time u start to realise that the only person u really need to face and listen to is you yourself. I believe that with every season we learn, we evolve and become truer to ourselves. The whole journey teaches us so much about ourselves, which we not only apply to your clothing but our lives as well. This is what I do because I love to do it. Whatever you see is 100% Me! I spend more time at my office than my home. I still cry at all my shows; even when this show got over I left, went outside and I cried. It’s just because I feel so connected, but I realise it’s over and I need to move on to the next thing. I have always been that person. I Never look back at photos, because once my work is out there it’s out there! From my first show to now, I think its been a really fun journey. 

Saaksha And Kinni
(Saaksha Parekh)

We were a part of the Gen X designers! We still love the prints and colours, but I know we would make 500 changes if we could. We didn’t do a lot of print on print on print, and over the years, I feel like our we’ve updated the layering aspect of the label. So sometimes we do wish we had started off layering more and had amped up the formal quotient of the collection. Having said that, when we look back we love the first collection just as much as every creation and this year’s collection as well. 


2017 was the year! Lakme Fashion Week has been overwhelming each time. The experience and exposure are absolutely great!

(Sweta Tantia) 

Our first LFW show was for a designer and this one was a solo show. I think this show was more difficult. But I guess you grow with time so somehow everything fell into place. 

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