Real Brides of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

Real Brides of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop


It’s Shaadi season and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop is bustling with bridal appointments, wedding pop-ups and styling sessions both online and offline. It is certainly a delightful experience to be a part of our patron’s significant event and every bride who chooses us for her big day is immensely special to us. We believe, the true virtue of design is when it translates and glorifies the charm of real women as beautifully as it does on a professional model. So, we decided to create a wedding journal collaborating with real brides and they played muse for the creation they’ve chosen for their wedding from Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop.

The Fashionista Bride

Driven by dollops of unabashed glamour, she’ll settle for nothing but a red-carpet-like entry. Experimental in her choices, she is someone who can pull off elements like feathers and tassels like a fiery fashionista on the aisle.


What made you choose this ensemble? The heavily embellished bustier and fuschia pink was a show-stealing factor that fascinated me.

The Millennial Bride

This bride thrives on vivacity and dashes of drama. Infusing her innate allure, a millennial bride would choose candy colours and experiments with edgy elements that define her mojo. For her, it’s all about sashaying the aisle along with her entourage.


What made you choose this ensemble? The eye-catchy combination of pastel pink and blue with the heart sequins appealed to me at once.

The Offbeat Bride

The offbeat bride is far from choosing anything mainstream. Ditching the custom, she would juxtapose dreaminess in her own distinct way. A feather-weighted tulle dupatta, experimental colour combination and off the cuff sparkle sums up to her affirmation to grandeur.


What made you choose this ensemble? I’d always thought of experimenting for a post-wedding soiree. So this Shivan & Narresh ensemble had that perfect balance of elegance with a hint of an avant-garde statement.

The Classic Bride

This missus-to-be chooses to imbibe an old-world charm in her wedding repertoire. A classic bride balances the grandeur picking a monotone palette with a subtle nudge to the shimmery elements.


What made you choose this ensemble? I instantly fell in love with the crimson red colour. Also, it’s contemporary styling and immaculate detailing seemed perfect for the wedding theme.

The Quintessential Bride

Seeped in majestic charm, the quintessential bride looks like an ethereal dream when she walks down the aisle. Contrary to her otherwise contemporary choices, she chooses to give a definite nod to traditions for her nuptials.


What made you choose this ensemble: The traditional creation perfectly matched with my idea of a bridal ensemble.

The Flirty Bride

She’s a girly-bride and has a soft corner for all things feminine. So, her wedding ensemble is just what she reveres. And she’ll be beaming with radiance if the bridal is rendered with vintage floral details!


What made you choose this ensemble? The twirly volume and floral rose gold detailing complemented my personality beautifully.

The Contemporary Bride

She wants her traditional ensemble to have a modern-day relevance. Intricate refineries and a modern colour palette define her contemporarily updated statement for the big day.


What made you choose this ensemble? The playful ruffle detail and the voluminous lehenga seemed like a perfect pick for the reception.

The Visionary Bride   

Bride: Manifesting a quaint princessy vibe, elegance and grandeur go along with her like her alter ego. A visionary bride has an eye for enriched traditional craftsmanship blended in modern aesthetics to adorn the best of both worlds when she ties a knot.


What made you choose this ensemble? The outfit was a perfect balance of minimalism and artsy glory for my bridal look.

The Royal Princess Bride

Everlasting regal splendour defines a quintessential princess bride. From embellishments to the silhouette, every element of her bridal outfit is painstakingly embroidered to complement her grand wedding with a graceful glow.


What made you choose this ensemble? The intricate rose gold embellishments on the pastel colours made it the perfect outfit, just as I had imagined.

The Traditional Bride

Indian heritage is her pride and she wishes to radiate the perfect ethnic charm on her big day. A traditional bride would choose the classic red and gold ensemble that is crafted to be a part of generations to come.


What made you choose this ensemble? I’ve always imagined my bridal attire to be a deep maroon hue with gold embellishments. So, this was it.

The Sassy Bride

For her, comfort and style fleet together. With ample playfulness in her sartorial choice and an head-turning statement, you may spot her sipping champagne at the post-wedding soiree.


What made you choose this ensemble? The uber-chic details and rich red colour allured me instantly.



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