Songs to start your day off right

Bruno Mars - The Lazy

If you’re not a morning person, we totally get it!  We are not early risers either, but we truly believe, how one starts their day, really does set the tone of the day. Energetic mornings can make sure we are in a good mood and start off our day productive. And what we like to do to wake ourselves up and make the mundane task of getting ready fun? Music and a cup of coffee of course!

Music is a big part of our lives, making us who we are and. The perfect song can bring us alive, inspire us and give us the feeling of being on top of the world in just a few seconds.  And that’s really the point of it all- To feel good and inspired to take on the day. And to make the act of choosing your outfit and putting on your make up fun again. 

Not a single being is immune to the positive consequences of music. So here’s a playlist that is sure to boost your mood and help you take on the day!

‘I’ll be there for you’ – The Rembrandts
‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ – Marvin Gaye 
‘The Lazy Song’ – Bruno Mars
‘Walk This Way’ – Aerosmith
‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ – The Beatles
‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’ – Shania Twain
‘Walking on Sunshine’ – Katrina & the Waves 
‘I’m Goin’ Down’ – Bruce Springsteen
‘Survivor’ – Destiny’s Child
‘Where the Colors Don’t Go’ – Sam Phillips

Happy Morning!

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