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Best Celebrity Appearances To Inspire Your Wedding Looks

As the season seamlessly transcends from festive merriments to wedding galas this time of the year, your social calendar must be filled with wedding RSVPs. Now whether the wedding is being hosted by your family or you’re the one attending, one thing that’s a priority is to rock that ‘stop and stare’ look. The modern

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She is often described as the epitome of charm in the industry. Passionate about social work and true to her motives, we catch up with Bollywood’s eternal beauty DIA MIRZA. Q. Every actor has their own story, what has brought you all the way here? Ans. I think my story is about self-discovery, seeking opportunities,

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Celebrity-approved jewellery trends you need to try right now!

With fewer layers to play in the summers, accessorizing becomes your go-to style hack. While your jewellery box might be brimming with baubles, you’re at sixes and seven when it comes to style them. A number of celebrity-approved jewellery fads give us an instant idea to play with your trinkets elevating your style for the

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