Taking it slow: Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio X Shuffling Suitcases


Joining the socially conscious wing of sustainable fashion, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop hosted ‘Taking it slow’ in association with Shuffling Suitcases at Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio at The Dhan Mill Compound, Chhatarpur. The event hosted 21 most-coveted sustainable brands from across the country acknowledging the need of the hour.

The weekend was dedicated to an ethical purpose; encouraging people to invest in considerably curated pieces that transcend seasons and trends. The event was put together by a vivid mix of established and emerging sustainable labels like Urvashi Kaur , Door of Maai , Doodlage, BAYU, Mirakin , Monkey Brain, Chaak Maati to name a few. From clothing to accessories and jewellery, every wardrobe essential were curated to display the global versatility of this noble beast called sustainable fashion.

Exhibiting designers held a discussion panel to explain the concept of thoughtfully-stylish clothing to the shoppers. Important facts concerning slow fashion, execution of zero waste pattern making, naturally dyed and unbleached fabrics, vegan leather, the composition of fabrics, weaves, efforts for the development of local artisans were discussed to create awareness. The experiential pop-up was made more engaging with special food setup, tarot card reading sessions and personalized styling consultations.

By encouraging a style that it chic yet moral, the pop-up was curated for shoppers to invest in pieces that can last them a lifetime throughout seasons. The aim was to bring a positive impact on the fashion supply chain in the trend-led world of fashion. So, let’s make the craft and the people that make the craft matter to support the revolution.

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