Top 5 Comeback Trends of 2019

Top 5 Comeback Trends of 2019


If you’d find a glossary of trends that have blazed through the years, you’ll find some cringe-worthy ones that you’d unquestionably ditch and some classics that can always be reprised for the modern day. Style sensibilities have evolved over the decades. So wouldn’t it be intriguing to see how Victorian puffed sleeves blend into 2019’s high-spirited kick or how pops of neon become cool again? Let’s en route to a throwback journey of the trends that are ready to change the game and make a big comeback.

Stark Bright Neons

Shop the trend: Shilpi Gupta Surkhab ; Sameer Madan ; Deme by Gabriella ; Papa Don’t Preach ; Pernia Qureshi

Neon colours were buzzing over the Spring/Summer’19 runways hinting towards a major comeback. The colour scheme was infamous for its stark brightness. But in the new Instagram-age, a pop of neon in your feed can be a treat to sore eyes. Initiate a lighter take on the colours with neon greens and yellows or pick lime-hued and coral-hued accessories if you’re a noob to the clan. Choose monotone co-ordinates, dresses or bags boast of a bold impulse this season.

Updated Puffed Sleeves

Shop the trend: Babita Malkani ; Kukoon ; RS by Rippii Sethi ; Saaksha & Kinni ; Salian by Anushree

Stylized popularly with a sweetheart neckline in the Victorian era, puffed sleeves are back in action with a flavour of flamboyance for 2019. If you fancy, princess-y vibes, envision the sleeves with everything ranging from dresses to blouses and jackets. Incorporate the voluminous sleeves with breezy or form-fitted silhouettes to accentuate your collar bones and channel the retro diva in you. Ultra-feminine, these statement sleeves of the ’80s promise to fancy up any demure number.

Slick Slip Dresses

Shop the trend: Pernia Qureshi ; Urvashi Kaur ; RS by Rippii Sethi ; Meadow ; Sameer Madan

A ’90s superhit, the slip dress got a much-deserved a celebrated comeback this year. Revamped with an off duty glam and a versatile charming vibe that can range from minimalistic to OTT, slip dresses are anything but bedroom-basics in 2019. But what we love is that the glam factor remains a constant here. Think a sheer layer of the cape for a cocktail night or style it with a tee for day-time spunk.

Fancy Matching Sets

Shop the trend: Nikasha ; Soup by Sougat Paul ; SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi ; Prints by Radhika ; Masaba

Matching patterned co-ordinates was a rage in the ’60s. Connoisseurs are bringing the maximalist trend back experimenting with artsy prints and textures. An easy glam fix to your wardrobe dilemmas, matching sets are a win-win. All you’ll need is a pair of great heels to go with such statement styles. Look no further to schedule your summers and winters both coordinated with this trend for a stylish flair.

Defined Sleek Shoulders

Shop the trend: Siddartha Tytler ; Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika ; Nikhil Thampi ; Platinoir ; Sameer Madan

Flashback to the ’80s when pride rested on the shoulders of fashionistas. Sleek suitings with well-constructed shoulders bought the air of androgyny while shoulder pads gave feminine dresses a form-fitted structure to accentuate the torso. The dynamics stay the same in 2019, it’s all about that polished demeanour. Strike the perfect balance of sexy and sleek choosing a deep neckline to accentuate the shoulders.

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