Top 8 Stories of 2018

Top 8 Stories of 2018


Just a list of our favourite blog posts that we think you must read before walking into 2019.


The Kurta Capsule: Styled for every mood

Unsung wardrobe heroes, kurtas have an affinity to polish up your look with a stroke of elegance, whether you’re headed to a wedding or simply dressed for a formal dinner. A So, get a little experimental and turn your wardrobe classics into a style essential this season interpreting them in incredible ways.  

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6 Of The Most Inspiring And Empowering Fictional Women

Here are stories of influential female characters and the way they lead their lives have stood the test of time and will continue to inspire and empower us and will always be celebrated. Read our checklist of the 6 most inspiring and empowering fictional women of all time.

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5 Bold Ways To Wear Mints & Blushes

Powder hues are a timeless favourite in every women’s wardrobe. Pastels have been long associated with just spring and often stereotyped as elegant and demure. As trends revamp, couturiers are introducing these candy colours in a more dramatic vibe with new textures, prints and silhouettes. When experimented and styled just right, they are sure to add much more to the dynamics- from sporty and edgy to glam and even grunge. Read on to learn new ways to adorn pastels.

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Discovering New Menswear Trends-01

Discovering New Menswear Trends For The Wedding Season

The wedding season has already begun and will continue into the beginning of 2019 stirring the best of fashion known to us. While women have a sea of trends to choose from, men often stick to the tried-tested kurta sets and sherwanis when it comes to ethnic wear. It’s time now to reach beyond the classics as we decode fresh new trends bustling at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop to let you master the runway of your upcoming wedding soirées like a dapper man.  

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Best Celebrity Appearances To Inspire Your Wedding Looks

As the season seamlessly transcends from festive merriments to wedding galas this time of the year, your social calendar must be filled with wedding RSVPs. Prettify yourself with stellar looks to rock every look at the wedding no matter what the dress code is. Take cues from alluring ethnic looks by celebrities, as we let them show you how it’s done!  

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Sustainable fashion brands that are reimagining design

With the new year must come new learning and bigger efforts!

Amalgamation of sustainability with fashion is easier said than done. Backed by commercial names in the industry the noble beast of sustainable fashion penetrated into the mainstream circuit carving a niche for itself. Gravitating towards the need of the hour, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop features some of the premium fashion mavens pioneering the sustainable fashion revolution.

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6 Books every fashion enthusiast must read!

This list would not be complete without our biggest passion. If you’re curious to know more about fashion and style and the people who have helped shape the way we wear clothing, keep reading.

Here, we list 6 stylish page-turners by industry experts who have used fashion to express more than just style. Through words by these icons, learning what goes on behind the glitz and allure of the business is absolutely breathtaking if you’re a style nerd.

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When the lines between fashion and art are blurred.

There have been many debates about the link between art and fashion- the similarities, boundaries and where the lines meet. Connoisseurs of fashion believe that fashion is nothing but art that is wearable. Fashion designers have looked to art for inspiration for a very long time. It is in the recent times though, that designers are refreshingly defying expectations through their creations.

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Happy Reading and have a visionary 2019!!

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