Top Comeback Stints of 2018

Fashion is cyclical- A new year means a whole slew of fun fashion trends that have either reemerged from the past decade or are freshly innovated by fashion collectives. What might look cringy to you in the past might become a raging trend at present. Drawing light to comeback trends, they’re either a rendition of the much-loved trend of the past or a trend that received flak due to irrelevant dynamics in the past era but dominates modern age choices. Runways welcome these forgotten trends with a new spin every year making a strong case for fashion beholders. Want to know what’s there to re-look out for this season? Let’s take you on a round trip to the then and now of the trends that are ready to take over your wardrobe this year!

Cocktail Suit Business


We’ve already seen the androgynous take on power suits rule over the runway for a while. With sharp tailoring and understated trimmings, these brave deal breakers are being fancied by sartorialists all over again. Leading into the modern age, the silhouette instils a breakthrough feminine air initiating a lighter take on the former androgynous ensemble as cocktail suits now. Replacing the floor-grazing gowns on the red carpet, celebrities are sashaying in glamorous cocktail suits. Contemporary necklines being the gamechanger here, the remake sums it up with an oomph factor.

Polka Dot In

Top-comeback-stints-of-2018_05 (1)

Borrow notes from the 80’s fashion archives as this year rediscovers the ubiquitous polka dot trend in a big way. Big and tiny- these classic spots get a more versatile spin with this comeback. Spotted on runways and a number of celebrity appearances, polka dots are anything but basic. While monochrome polka patterns are categorized as classics till date, you can break the monotony with bright remakes and interesting accents. Case in point- minuscule dots rendered on a semi-sheer fabric will give a dash of glamour to your feminine allure.

Plush Velvet


Talking about the revival wake on trends, lush velvets have made its room back in the hearts of the sartorialists. Whether you’re seeking something elegant or glamorous, velvets will always find your way. Ultra-feminine with a sophisticated flush, monotone velvet overalls with shorter hems has a couch to cool vibe while meticulously structured numbers are sophisticated picks for evening soirees and cocktail nights. The velvet trend comeback is all about embracing ingenious fabrication to inspire enriched finesse. So, schedule the next season with these refineries, as the winter chills will give a great prompt to the trend.

Reprised Hoops


A superhit in the 90’s, hoops found their way back for obvious reasons. Honestly, what’s not to love about them! The circumference gets bigger, wackier and extraordinary to re-mark its territory. Bold colours, pearls, stone studded ornates, layered styles, there’s something for the minimalists as well as the diva who likes it OTT. While a graphic take on the trend with stacked or detachable hoop earrings is the best iteration of this jewellery classic, spiky half crescented hoops version is also the best finishing choice to frame a well-contoured face in a jiffy.

Chantilly Lace Lure


Dating back to the 17th century, this handmade bobbin lace has been popular through succeeding eras for its luxurious, intricate details. With the festive season ahead of us, the lush trend deserves a definite nod for its enriched flair. A Chantilly saree is a sure-fire classic, while you could incorporate the dainty accents in ethnic ensembles or even cocktail dresses and garner compliments for your french decency. The ingenious fabrication is so versatile, it goes well with casuals as well as formals inspiring a romantic feel.


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