Trends Taking Over Bridal Fashion For the new-age bride.


Of Bridal Glory & Forever Promises.

It’s the season of love, weddings and beautiful bridal fashion! With all the glitz and glamour of our Indian weddings, the stress is real! For a bride, one of her main concerns for the wedding is always the outfits!

We’ve done our research, stalked the celebrity weddings, and have seen the latest runway collections and now we know all about what’s hot and happening in the fashion world. With this post, we bring you the best of reinvented fashion trends for the new age brides.












Striped Graphic Lehengas

Stripes have been a big deal this wedding season. Yes, very unconventional for an Indian wedding; yet this trend has been all the rage! For the modern bride, it’s a wonderful way to add a touch of quirk to her outfit.

Designers like Chandni Sahi & Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary have creatively integrated this trend into their latest collections!

Big stripes in rich hues are sure to give you that eye-catching look on your fun wedding functions. If you just want a touch of playfulness while still being traditional opting for a striped dupatta will be perfect!

This is definitely one of our favourite trends and we can’t get enough of it.


Corset Lehengas

Here’s an exceptionally cool trend that is taking us back to the Victorian era: The corset blouse trend! Extremely well fitted and meticulously constructed blouses with a modern twist are what makes this trend absolutely stunning!

We adore this style and glad that distinguished designers of our country right like Sonaakshi Raaj, Monika Nidhii and many more creatively merging modern aesthetics with tradition.


Bold Blues

Steering away from the red and pinks, blue is becoming one of the main colours for the new age bride! Royal blue and electric blue have been all over the fashion runways and in almost every wedding we’ve seen. Indian brides today are not shying away from showing their personality!

This is a hue that is sure to make a bride stand-out and have all eyes on her!


Minimalistic Extravaganza

You can’t help yourself from falling in love with this beautiful simplistic trend. Minimalism in fashion has become a global trend and is really setting standards in the fashion industry.

The modern bride is choosing to opt for tasteful elegance with a splash of glamour instead of an overdose of sparkle and trends. Graceful balance is what today’s bride is looking for, not only in her outfits but also in the overall theme of the wedding.

A trend the demonstrates pure love, the time we live in and lets every bride enjoy her wedding while showcasing her personality!


Wrap blouses

Chic and trendy wrap blouses paired with lend a modern and stylish look to any bride. This modern merge of aesthetics portraying a subtle statement speaks the language of cool. Not only does this trend add the perfect amount of zing to your wedding outfit but also transports us to the 60’s.

For any girl who loves fashion, new styles and yet wants to look timeless, this trend is the way to go!

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