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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe

Truer words have not been spoken! There’s something inherently exceptional about slipping into a pair of fabulous shoes. And the right ones can really give us the confidence to do anything we want. Footwear really has the ability to elevate your look, turn heads, and add some personality and sass. Nothing gives us unparalleled joy as finding shoes that look incredibly stylish and feel comfortable.

We’ve rounded up the top 4 footwear brands that offer an intriguing variety of styles while still being practical and comfortable.

The Haelli

The Haelli creates completely handcrafted and hand-painted Juttis and keeps the culture of our country alive. The brand defines elegance while providing a quirky and stylish statement.  With bright colours, subtle textures and abstract shapes and patterns, every Jutti carries a unique detail that will inevitably have people asking where you got them.

What we love: With the rainbow colours and individual design, the brand’s footwear is photogenic and easy to slip into.

Sole Stories

The brand Sole Stories was started by a mother-daughter duo making beautifully handcrafted, comfortable and versatile footwear; and gathering stories as they go! Every pair embodies all of the things we love about style. Showcasing a minimal yet full of whimsy aesthetic, every piece makes a strong design statement.  

What we love: You’ll find every shoe you need from simplistic flats to embellished heels that will take you from day to night promising a chic stylish look.

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

Papa Don’t Preach shoes are ones you see someone wearing on the street and propel you to make the effort to ask where they’re from. Perfect for the girls who effortlessly display a fierce urban sense of style, and are constantly experimenting and redefining their fashion boundaries. They’re some of our personal favourites with unexpected details and a spectrum of bright colours.

What we love: The signature cutting-edge designs, the brand gives us to nurture our love for Drama.


Here’s a shoe brand for seven days of the week. Life is flawless, with the perfect mix of fancy and comfy. Perca shoes are completely hand-crafted, promising originality and great quality. Making everyday modern, Perca footwear looks great with basically any outfit. The trendy elements merged with simple designs is what makes the brand unique yet classic and wearable.

What we love: The photogenic and comfortable shoes, that will lasts us day to night.

There you go! We predict these will be added to shoe closets around the world. And they can, thanks to worldwide shipping. You’re Welcome! Now go ahead and add your favourites to your cart.

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