8 Indian designers Redefining Luxury Fashion Design

8 Indian designers Redefining Luxury Fashion Design

8 luxury indian fashion designers on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

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Everyone fancies a bit of luxury in all it’s glorious and gilded facets!

Authenticity and originality are the two key factors that make fashion and design in the true sense ‘Luxury’! Although there’s no denying that India has some of the best designers who give us the highest quality in fashion and concept design, as the globalisation of fashion increases, it’s rare to find designers embracing exclusive and niche design concepts. In this article, I sprinkle limelight on India’s top designers who are inventing elusive concepts and redefining Luxury fashion design and style. These radical designers and brands are setting the standards high with impeccable construction and striking creativity!


Amit Aggarwal on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Known for sculptural design infused in glamour and his use of unconventional textiles, we believe that Amit Aggarwal is crafting the future of luxury fashion in India. His designs have an unabashed shape, form and construction that speak of extravagant style. The label prides itself on the theatrical expression of design as they continue to experiment with numerous drapes and patterns.

With every collection, he manages to surprise us with talent and jaw-dropping creations. There’s a chorus of reflective patterns and a childlike approach to symmetrical design that makes his style sit a little to the left of the centre making it seem perfect for the red carpet.


Vaishali S on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Slow fashion is gaining momentum at a fast pace. Vaishali Shadangule’s label promotes craft and community while keeping style as a priority. Dedicating an almost two-decade-long career to the revival of disappearing weaves, Vaishali manages to turn Indian Handloom into wearable works of art. A significant aim of Vaishali S is to bring forgotten handwoven textiles to the fashion forefront and she has achieved this not only in India but at a global level. With her modern design sensibility, her creations appeal to a vast audience and have also been showcased at New York Fashion Week.

Her journey will always inspire us but moreover, she has proved to be a courtier changing the way luxury fashion is made and the way people look at Indian Handlooms!


Nikhil Thampi on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

The second you look at Nikhil Thampi’s designs, and you can feel a celebration of design! Speaking of redefining luxury fashion, Nikhil creates what seem to be classic designs that are figure flattering with experimental cuts and patterns. He’s wooed Indian fashionistas with his’ feminine gone badass’ high-fashion silhouettes. With a distinct approach toward creativity and design, Nikhil definitely has the centre stage of the Indian fashion Industry.


The Little Black Bow on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Luxury with whimsy is how we see the label: The Little Black Bow! Absolutely joyful creations and beautiful silhouettes, the label reminds of love.

The label was conceived by two best friends, who are giving us gorgeous Indian wear in a Parisian and vintage feel. They aim to create designs that are timeless and believe in reviving art forms. With refined collections where Indian and Western silhouettes are merged, The Little Black Bow creations are exactly what the Gen Z is looking for.


Anupamaa Dayal on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Inspired by art and culture, Anupamaa Dayal’s creations have a signature style of a playful and tongue-in-cheek aesthetic. Combining a spectrum of hues, bright and eclectic prints and tastefully created patchwork, her creations set a mood of happiness and fearlessness. And this makes her designs absolutely irresistible to any woman. Not only is she pushing boundaries through her intense patterns where various elements mingle together, but she is also an expert when it comes to textiles. She masterfully reinterprets traditional Indian textiles into contemporary designs. In a subtle way, Anupamaa is questioning creative norms and redefining the way luxury fashion is looked at.


Shantanu and Nikhil on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

The brand’s philosophy in Shantanu and Nikhil’s own words is “Progressive Unification”. Taking the character and spirit of the age-old Indian culture and tradition one step ahead with modern influences and elaborate constructions has been their forte. With every new collection, they manage to give us a new take on couture and Indian Fashion. In every drape and twist of fabric, we can notice the extraordinary passion they have for evolving design. It’s like a love story with couture and luxury!


Doodlage on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Taking us back to our roots, Doodlage is a brand that is re-inventing luxury fashion with recycled materials. The inspiration here is the fabrics themselves! What we love is the feeling the clothing gives us: connected and attached. The sustainable and Eco-friendly brand offers us chic and progressive designs with its fashionable approach to upcycling.  Using waste fabric with an attempt to create a better world, the brand also assures us that no two garments are going to be exactly the same. Luxury in its true form!


Farah Sanjana on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

There’s a sense of magic and free-spiritedness in Farah Sanjana clothing. With brilliantly nuanced perspectives on design and light-hearted concepts, the powerhouse label showcases creations that are juxtapositions of feminine silhouettes and extravagant style. The label makes this list because of its depiction of individuality through a myriad of expressions.

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