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Nothing is as hard as countering Monday blues after a joyous weekend. How can one get out of the bed especially when the cosy weather holds such fine promises?  As the ‘I have nothing to wear’ anxiety sinks in, you are left picking whatever comes handy. Let’s admit, we girls have a plethora of responsibilities that we juggle with work and all we need is a perfect outfit kickstart to gloomy days. The unrivalled comfort of loungewear makes it even more difficult to get going. Since comfy hoodies don’t quite fit the workwear code, let’s fall back on these bold styles to shake up your work week with a little more zest.


1. Subtle Peekaboo- Your workplace might not be suitable for a decolletage show but strategically placed cutouts can make a cut to your workwear wardrobe. It is a bit tricky to flaunt a midriff or waistline but dropping the shoulder is the most failsafe move. A sheer back is a brave move promising a steady after-hours transition.


2. Colour Crush: Trust bold colours to ward off your Monday blues while you strike a statement. Incorporate bright yellows, mints and blush tones to add a hint of vivacity. Pick bright separates to pair up neutrals adding a pop of colour to offset the look.


3. Print Play: Even a minimal print in a bold colour can make you stand out in the sea of blues and whites. Miniscule quirky prints and plaids work well if the POA includes a meeting with a foreign liaison while lively colour themed tropical florals are easy to slip in any day. Incorporate busy prints with co-ords or go firmly with overalls to infuse your personal style.


4. Colour Blocked Smartness: If your work setting leverages an informal dress code, you’re gonna strike gold with this one. Inject prints or go dual tone for an effortlessly lively look. Play with pastels, monochromes or anchor solid tones with busy prints to add a spicy tinge to your mid-week blues.


5. Metallic Accents: It wouldn’t be wrong to say a little bit of bling is something every girl crushes on. Infusing a hint of metallic accents can take your casual Friday looks to another level. While you definitely cannot go OTT on this route, play with peachy blushes or icy mints in a metallic sheen to cover you from the boardroom presentations to club hopping spree.

Corporate fashion today is all about imbibing new trends as non-traditional aesthetics take the spotlight. So, leave no colour untouched and add a hint of your own personality to ace your fashionista flair.

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