The 5 Commandments of Men’s Luxury Fashion

The 5 Commandments of Men’s Luxury Fashion

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Men’s fashion has been about the no-brainer crisp and well-groomed looks for decades now. But with street style, active wear and gender fluidity taking the centre stage, men are experimenting taking a step ahead from the tried and tested silhouettes. From incorporating vibrant colours to drapes and forms, the demeanour of a modern stylish man is more about nonchalance and buoyancy today. Men’s luxury fashion brands like Kunal Rawal, Siddhartha Tytler, Pranay Baidya, Masaba amongst others have pictured their dapper men with daring style choices. Courtesy to these forces of fashion and their universal designs, men are reaching on to displaying their individuality while keeping classic nuances in tandem. 

In this story, let’s decode the essential commandments of men’s luxury fashion in the modern age:

Thou shalt experiment bravely 

While clean lines and subtle detailing remain the staple style code for the well-heeled look, men’s luxury fashion has also notably reached beyond tailored bespoke wear. Invest considerably in classic button-downs and sharply tailored pants while balancing the monotony with cutting-edge hybrids of these standard styles. Take inspiration from the cosmopolitan cuts donned by the leading men of Bollywood. While Ranveer Singh’s on-the-edge mojo is tricky to pull off, you can take hints from his bold colour choices as a beginner. Innately charismatic men like Jim Sarbh, Shahid Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor are ideal to look up to for an easy going suaveness. Eclectism today is welcomed more than before so don’t shy away from playing around with silhouettes and forms that make you look like a runway showstopper. 

Thou shalt worship the details 

Flex your choices a bit because there’s a veritable of a rainbow of plausibility to rebel the previously written sartorial dictates. Though you cannot still don a hoodie to work, there’s a colour-blocked shirt that will not make mid-week seem like a weekend. Exploring elements that resonate artistically is a way to make your statement appeal to every onlooker. Overlapped bandi jackets, cowl draped kurtas, placement print detailed shirts, soft pastel-hued groomswear, asymmetric hemline detailing, give a much-needed break from the demure wardrobe staples and make you look a class apart. A contemporary spin allowed with a dash of decadent drama will win you a spot into the best-dressed guests at any place you go. 

Thou shalt wear the right accessory 

Many men would not be accustomed to any add-ons apart from their good ‘ol classic watches. But accessorizing isn’t a new term in the men’s sartorial glossary. A keen focus on accessorizing is the final step for you to win the style game. No well-put look is complete without accessorizing. These third-party elements have the knack of making or breaking the look. Not just ties and bows but thoughtful investments in your cufflinks, pocket squares, brooches are a must to elevate your look on special occasions. These itsy-bitsy details work wonder in making you look more attractive. Before you step out, make sure you add the final touch of a meticulously crafted piece to take the statement up by a notch. A well-punctuated look is a key to paving your way into men’s luxury fashion. 

Thou shalt not compromise with the fabric

With sartorial choices becoming bolder and spontaneous, basic factors like the fabric composition cannot be compromised especially when we speak of men’s luxury fashion. Unconventional styles have been ruling the mainstream but fabric and tailoring still swing with a safe and fair play. Since luxe is in comfort, you cannot shift focus away from the textile preferences. Chanderi, linen, cotton silk, suiting are rich yet breathable fabrics to customize your statement-makers. Invest in textiles that are seasonless to be able to reach out to the outfits more often. Polish up your statement with a meticulously tailored ensemble and the vibrant appeal of your look will never go unnoticed.

Thou shalt invest in a versatile capsule wardrobe 

Versatility can never be overrated. Invest in staples and separates that double up as statement pieces or layers. Categorising the wardrobe into basic and statement outfits will not only save you time to style a look thoughtfully but also sharpen up your styling flair simultaneously. When you need a standout look for a special occasion but the budget isn’t following suit, the ordinary separates in your wardrobe can be niftily teamed together to create an extraordinary look. Prioritize the basics that can be dressed up or pared down accordingly. Monochrome-hued sets customized in classic tailoring are the power-dressers of a mindfully curated closet. 

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