High on Shine: Minimal Pieces of Jewellery

High on Shine: Minimal Pieces of Jewellery


The accessorising game for summers has just flipped and for good! Statement jewellery simply doesn’t belong to the summers. We’re trading everything high volume with minimalistic and easy ensembles, and while we’re at it, it’s time to swap those statement jewellery pieces in your closet too! Sleek and small jewellery pieces are making a big impact this season. Occasion-worthy pearls, playful pieces with enamel coating, delicate diamond trinkets are ample to unleash your inner diva. If you don’t like wearing jewellery, we bet you’d slide right in to join this fanbase once you’ve browsed this feature!  Because these stellar collections are certain to make you believe in the mystic of minimalism.

Golden Gazelle Fine Jewellery

Thriving on the mantra to make every day special, Golden Gazelle handcrafts exquisite fine jewellery that will make you remember each day distinctively. Fancying beauty in simplicity, each piece is customized delicately but with notable nuances. Two-way bracelets, ear studs, dainty layered necklaces are not just fuss-free to adorn on a daily basis but also perfect to add hints of bling to your evening affairs. The lustrous pieces are investment-worthy which you wouldn’t have to keep away in the vault.

Key pieces to invest in: The seven chakra bracelets in traditionally-coloured enamel detailing are eternally beautiful pieces.


Born out of an admiration for geometry, Zohra crafts contemporary pieces of jewellery with 3-dimensional accents. The creations are artfully mastered clubbing structures and lines with animal motifs. The trademark magnetism of flora-and-fauna-meets-geometry is sure to draw some second glances to you with its minimalistic edgy appeal. Finished with matte gold polishing, the earrings and necklaces are sleek choices to glam up mundane dresses or tops just like its brazen statement counterparts.

Key pieces to invest in: From snakeskin Slytherin hoop earrings to animal motif accented layered hoops, the pieces will perform incredibly well for parties.


Visual perception and interpretation of flora, fauna and fantasies, is what translates into exquisite bijoux for Bansri. Drawing inspiration from everyday elements like street art, medieval cathedrals, artistic cafes, the eclectic pieces have vibrant energy yet personifies simplicity. A staple collective of earrings, bracelets, necklaces is refined with textures. So if you want to add a touch of levity to your frenzied life, the clean, delicate silhouettes are perfect for celebratory occasions—and surefire, a conversation-starter.

Key pieces to invest in: Rose-gold plated rings with resin accents and beehive textured pieces go effortlessly well from 9 to 5 to after hours

Varnika Arora

Geometric jewellery is, in fact, having a moment this season. Varnika Arora is a jewellery brand coveted for its sleek geometric creations that may look simple but speak volumes about style. Several versions of hoops, oversized studs, rings and bracelets in filigree open a new dimension of statement accessorizing but in a very minimalistic way. Universally appealing, the pieces keep you company to dress up gloomy days as well as unleash your inner diva in the dusk.

Key pieces to invest in: Geometric shaped earrings and open rings are fuss-free yet feature vivid decorative flair to become fierce and feminine all at once.

Eurumme Jewellery

Reflecting a philosophy “Imperfect is beautiful’, Eurumme pictures imperfectly perfect jewellery that emanates beauty and optimism. In essence, no two pieces of jewellery match the exact shape. Customized in eclectic patterns like swirls, autumn leaves, mesh and linear patterns, the gold polished chokers, earrings, bracelets and ring are naive yet command attention with its artsy fancy. So do away with chunky baubles for a while and slide into a new sense of comfort: these numbers are the crisp white shirt of the jewellery world; you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

Key pieces to invest in: The hand-carved mesh choker and studs are very contemporary yet their flash of gold blends seamlessly into every possible ensemble; even your handloom sarees!

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