Jewels of Jaipur- A tribute to the artwork of Pink City

Jewels of Jaipur- A tribute to the artwork of Pink City


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On the 29th and 30th of November, Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio presented The Bridal collective- A delightful extravaganza dedicated to the wedding season.  Featuring fine jewellery by Jewels of Jaipur, Julie by Julie Shah luxury prêt wear & bridal and fusion wear by Rebecca Dewan, the 2-day gala showcased the most-desired looks for the wedding season.

Jewels of Jaipur creates a mix of traditional and modern jewellery that never ceases to amaze us. We took a moment to chat with Ankit Lodha, Creative Director of Jewels of Jaipur to learn more about his inspirations and design process.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We are inspired by stories! Every piece tells a story and captures a moment we have seen. We have designed a peacock ring and I remember that moment. We were at The Taj Mahal, and we saw this beautiful Peacock and we just had to capture that moment through our jewellery. Travel plays a big role in my designs.

But also I love movies! Movies move me immensely and inspire me to create more. Rockstar inspired me to research about Kashmiri culture and brides. We did an entire collection for Kashmiri brides and it was a beautiful experience.

What are the jewellery trends for the upcoming wedding season?

When it comes to colours, lighter tones of Emeralds and Ruby are big currently. Most brides nowadays like wearing chokers, paired with a light necklace.

I think every bride has her own personality. And a bride will always remember her wedding day clearly. Her journey of getting her bridal ensemble from clothing to jewellery has to be very unique and memorable. We style brides according to their personal style and choices. I truly believe every bride must be pampered with choices!

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?  

We try to innovate as much as possible. We like to have traditional styles but also include contemporary elements in a lot of our designs. We want our designs to appeal to the new generation. I really like simple designs that are rich and little unexpected. There’s normally one focus with little elements are around it.

How do you think your brand has made a mark on the jewellery world?

Craftsmanship is the most important thing for us! We make sure we give our customers the best quality jewellery.  Every piece takes a different amount of time to get made. We remake a lot of our pieces if we feel it’s not up to mark. I really live by the motto- No compromise in Craftsmanship!

What was your most memorable design experience? Do you have a favourite piece?

The Shikara piece is definitely my favourite! I had gone to Kashmir for a vacation. But I learnt and explored so much over there. The entire design experience was amazing. It was a very creative process. We experimented with Chinar leaf drawing and intricate work. In Kashmir, they sell flowers every morning, without fail; so I incorporated that as well. I also added a dancing lady to portray happiness. I will never forget designing that piece!

Can you tell us a little about your next collection?

It’s based on a love story! That’s all I can say right now. But let’s see when it comes out.

Can you give young jewellery designers any advice?

My only advice is- To learn from people and your surroundings! Jewellery designing is a lot of hard work and needs focus. So put in that work. And also don’t copy. It hurts a designer who has created something. So, learn, explore and put in the hard work.

Bloggers: Megha Bajaj and Neha Vora

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