ON OUR RADAR: Luxury fashion brands and labels we are championing this season

ON OUR RADAR: Luxury fashion brands and labels we are championing this season

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New and promising fashion designers are breaking out and making names for themselves with their signature styles. This article lists the top designers to note.

Womenswear designers who are breathing new life in fashion!

Fashion designers are breaking out and making names for themselves with their signature styles. Here are the ones to note.

Shop Aur on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Aur by Ajay Kumar Singh 

Why: Capturing the imaginative and intuitive thoughts of children dealing with mental disabilities, Aur converts artwork made by kids into digital prints and patterns and creates beautiful garments. The idea and concept of this label tugged at our heartstrings while bringing happiness and joy into the lives of the many children they work with. Not only does Aur help explore the power of imagination, but they also get our attention with their different silhouettes and use of Khadi and Kantha. They are a brand who do sustainability in a cool and interesting way, and are one of the freshest labels, we’ve seen in a while.

Shop Pooja Peshoria on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Pooja Peshoria

Why: Designed for the modern independent woman of today, Pooja Peshoria portrays a princess vibe depicting strength and elegance! Using a pastel colour palette and rich vibrant hues, Pooja creates timeless masterpieces with chic silhouettes.  What we absolutely love is how she combines urbane art techniques with contemporary designs and has an innate understanding of the women of today. The designer’s poetic vision proves that she is a connoisseur of luxury fashion.  We adore her concise vision, in terms of distinct silhouettes, simple fabrics and the fresh imagery she creates.

Shop Pleats on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Pleats by Kaksha & Dimple

Why: Pleats by Kaksha and Dimple offers a variety of designs that will make every girl look regal and royal. Focusing on bridal wear, this label is perfect for brides and bridesmaids and all the women attending weddings. Featuring the sensibilities of the new age women, they play around with pastel shades, intricate embroidery, drapes and indo-western silhouettes all portraying a delicate and dazzling vibe. Merging ethnic and traditional aesthetics, Pleats proves to be the epitome of femininity and elegance. We are obsessed!

Shop Salian on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Salian by Anushree

Why: Inspired by unique storylines, like The Morrocon Muse and Summer Romance, Salian has stolen our heart with beautiful and elegant creations. The blend of ethnic and contemporary styles, mixed with distinctive hues, unique prints and embroidery, creates ensembles that make memories. From lehengas to Anarkalis, if you love dressing up in Indian attire, you cannot miss out on Salian.

Shop Prathyusha Garimella on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Prathyusha Garimella

Why: Prathyusha Garimella has carved an ethereal niche, complimenting the aesthetic of royal allure. The label is a contemporary and modern take on traditional Indian wear.  As an alluring blend of contemporary silhouettes and intricate embroidery, her designs are an epitome of a sartorial regale. Prathyusha’s forte to create ensembles that are flowy, timeless, simplistic and chic with a touch of the royal culture. We can resist falling in love with the romantic and dreamy ensembles.

Menswear designers to know now!

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern or just comfortable, here are designers creating crisp & fine menswear.

Shop Pranay Baidya on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Pranay Baidya 

Why: What sets Pranay Baidya apart is the charming ateliers in Calcutta and Delhi, that celebrate the rich culture of Bengal. Packed with heirloom furniture, exquisite collections of art and artefacts and his beautiful line that blends Indian handicraft and classic European design, both ateliers offer an experience of being welcomed into a traditional Bengali house, where conversations can brew. They work with a number of communities within Bengal to embrace many ancestral techniques such as weaving, embroidery, printing and dyeing to create unique ensembles. Pranay Baidya creates memories and nostalgia with his garments reminiscent of old-world sensibilities merged with a touch of the modern.

Shop Dhruv Vaish on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Dhruv Vaish

Why: An exclusive menswear label, Dhruv Vaish specializes in Indian and western clothing. Combining regal aesthetics and modern tailoring, their collection is a joy to behold. From polished and subtle charisma to free-spirited, experimental exuberance, Dhruv Vaish designs appeal to men from all pathways and their many moods. His design theory takes a simplistic approach, using classic and timeless silhouettes. The details in every piece and an eclectic mix of embellishments and embroidery adds the perfectionist’s touch to his collection.

Shop Mitesh Lodha on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Mitesh Lodha

Why: Here’s a contemporary menswear label with underlying Indian influences. We are blown away by his ability to merge traditional design heritage with absolutely modern cuts and construction. Presenting a slightly off-kilter version of the modern man, his collection speaks of easy elegance.  The fabrics he uses are the hero of his creations made for the modern Indian man. He not only creates versatile clothing that can be worn to any occasion but also wardrobe staples that can be added to any discerning male’s ensemble.

Shop Amaare on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Amaare

Why: With the wedding season sneaking around the corner, everyone needs to get the essentials sorted. Amaaré is all set to bombard you with their suave designs. This brand is doing menswear stunningly right! What’s unique are their cuts and designs. They’re always pushing the envelope in terms of silhouettes, and their colour palette is always spot on.  We think Amaare is the go-to brand for eye-catching and artistic ensembles.

Shop Gaurav Katta on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Gaurav Katta

Why: Gaurav Katta celebrates the culture of Rajasthan depicting their courage and valour in a very dramatic manner. Creating the ambience of a Rajwari darbar of Rajasthan, his designs are completely inspiring. The label is breaking conventional grounds and carving a niche in the world of luxury fashion with a refreshing approach. Depicting royalty of the bygone era with contemporary design sensibilities of the urban man, there’s always a beautiful detail or interesting colour pallet. just unique enough to feel not-boring.

Accessory brands to add to your shopping list. 

Give your outfits a fresh edit, with these fab accessory pairings.

Who: Duet Luxury

Why: Founded by designers Priyanka Baid and Shruti Bansal, Duet Luxury is remarkably fashion forward in its aesthetics. The brand uses wood and leather that creates unconventional yet exciting modern bags.  For the fashion-forward brigade who is looking for understated chic arm candy, Duet Luxury is a must to look out for. Offering bespoke accessories to suit modern go-getters who like to stand out and show their individuality, the collection is unconventionally resplendent. These bags are unquestionably what you need to give your ensembles an edge.

Who: Zariin

Why: Eclectic, bold, and sophisticated, what more do you want from jewellery. Undeniably cool, Zariin is the design brilliance of two sisters, Mamta & Vidhi. Their pieces are recognised for their creative incorporation of vivacious and striking natural stones. This brand that is making contemporary statement-making jewellery and is the one to know if you really want to step up your accessorising game.

Shop Varnika Arora on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Varnika Arora

Why: A little dose of drama, artistic yet quaint and simple is what Varnika Arora jewellery is all about.  With a focus on geometric shapes, this label will turn heads for all the right reason. The pieces are designed to be worn for years to come, rather than just being ‘one-season trend’ jewellery. Made truly unique, the jewellery is elegant but has a fun twist with pops of colour. Need we say more?

Shop Eurumme on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Eurumme

Why:  Handcrafted in India, every Eurumme design reflects a raw aesthetic, leading no two pieces to be exactly the same. Lacking the typical polished look, the jewellery is definitely unique. We love that these pieces have an abstract appeal to them and are not your basic-basic.  The philosophy of the brand is: Imperfection is beautiful. And we believe it is this imperfection that makes all her pieces memorable. With quirky and out-of-the-box pieces, these pieces are a great addition to your jewellery collection!

Shop Vareli Bafna on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Who: Vareli Bafna

Why: Vareli Bafna footwear and clutches come in a variety of colors and patterns and are full of whimsy. The quirky Juttis are everything we love and have the perfect mix of fancy yet comfy. These accessories are effortlessly cool and are the perfect add-ons for your festive looks.

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