The new millennial colour in the world of fashion: Gen-Z Yellow


Just when you thought millennial pink was fading away and the trend of defining an age group by colour was dying, along comes ‘Gen Z yellow’. Dubbed as the next big colour trend in fashion, Gen-Yellow is the bright, cheery hue that’s seen everywhere. The show-stealing trend has been dominating the runways, the wardrobes of our favourite stars and the streets. And it continues to brighten everything from makeup to housewares and even food. 

Like the sartorial version of sunshine, this fresh and zesty springtime colour instantly lifts moods and makes you smile. These characteristics of the colour make it a symbolic representation of what Gen Z are looking for. Hope for the future and the enthusiasm to engage in a useful way! There’s no doubt we could all do with more optimism and cheeriness in our lives. Its popularity is possibly unsurprising, given the optimistic and sunny attitude.


The shade has been a go-to for style-savvy celebrities from Parineeti Chopra to Sara Ali Khan. Designers and brands like Prathyusha GarimellaArpita Mehta, Ease and many more have incorporated the festive colour wholeheartedly in their collections. Not only is it a hue that suits every skin tone and looks great against Indian tan; but also symbolises festivity which makes it perfect for wedding occasions.


Transition your wardrobe with this optimistic and cheery shade, because nothing lifts your style like a statement colour. If you’re wary about going all out warm yourself up to the colour with carefree accessories. And if subtlety is not your thing, dive wholeheartedly into the trend wearing a Gen z yellow dress, Kurta or Lehenga. With the summer weddings already lined up, it’s your chance to ace the festive dressing with this trend!

Gen Z yellow might be just the dose of positivity and cheer we all need!

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